We are Hiring

What is Internshala and why should you consider joining us?

Internshala is different things to different people.

For million plus students struggling to get a meaningful internship every year, Internshala is a friend, a mentor, an affectionate senior, and a boon.

For thousand plus organizations that use Internshala to hire interns, we are a pleasant surprise, a benchmark of the world standards in customer service.

For outsiders (a chance visitor, media, investors, friends and acquaintances) Internshala is the next big thing coming out of India’s start up stable.

But internally, we are a bunch of entrepreneurs (Engineers, Creative Thinkers, and Rebels) trying to solve a very hard problem – the (near)failure of India’s education system where 80% of our university graduates are labelled ‘unemployable’ by the industry and rest 20% have no idea of how to make informed career choices.

Some of us are here because of the creative freedom it affords, some because of the ownership and the opportunity to build something from scratch, some because of the dent we are making in the universe, and some because of the ways in which we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Whatever be one’s reason, all of us are here because Internshala feels home like no other place could ever do.

Internshala is a dot com business with the heart of dot org.

You should join us because you can relate to the problem we are solving, feel excited about the infinite creative freedom, ownership and challenges Internshala provides, and have a genuine desire to leave the world a better place than you found it.

Currently Available Roles

1. Jr./Sr. Web Developer [Full Time Role]

2. Manager - Online Training Development & Delivery [Full Time Role]

3. Manager / Sr. Manager Human Resource [Full Time Role]